Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Chloé is back.

" This girl - she returns to her roots." - Paulo Melim Andersson

On a set of wooden floored planks, and what seem to be like a faux old-looking curtain backdrop, the set whispered a certain seclusion to me, yet yelled a meaning of another - "The set was inspired by the past, in Paris, where people would have secret meetings in old french apartments. It was an atmosphere to be inspired of and that's where I imagine the Chloé girl returning home. " says Andersson, creative designer of Chloé.

Paulo Melim Andersson

I've always loved Chloé (despite me having the same name as the fashion house, i'm not at all bias) and when we talk about the Chloé girl, she speaks of the same level of ethereal efferscence every collection, despite having different designers dabbing into her world of rush innocence and soft beauty.


If you have been a Chloé zealot like I am, shown in this collection might make you smile from ear to ear - The Chloé girl is back to roots again after a whirlpool of changes when Andersson first took over in Fall 2007. Seen on the runway this fall/winter season were clothes that depicted dark florescent elements that were designed with a sophisticated spin. While seeing pretty bright young things on a Chloé runway may seem usual, Paulo Andersson took this belief and changed it for the better - florals and appliques withered from Spring to Fall with colours of Winter's favourites such as Indigo and Navy Blue, Bone White, Dusty Silver and Black instead of the usual neutral palette Phoebe Philo had accustomed.

He kept the flow going by using Chiffon - not to present how useful this material might be for the coming winter season, but by making use the soft material to create a said soft silhouette of a girl for this particular collection. Maybe the use of chiffon wasn't such a wise thing to consider for this season, Andersson made sure he added hints of fur and designed sharp pointe shoes equipped with killer slick-thin heels and an ankled detailing, making sure the shoes were a die-for just like previous Chloé collections.

Dresses with tie-top detailing are in beautifully printed chiffon of designs, skirts and coats - both definitive clothing in this collection, are always embroidered precisely with yarn and gem translating sophistication and precision. Fear not! There aren't any short sleeves made (or we'll freeze to death), but what seemed to be missing were trousers - a distinctive mark made in every other Chloé collection to date. Is that a frown I see in your face?

Clothes and Accessory detailing.

Perhaps Paulo Andersson had dreams of the return of the Chloé girl , he then again must have imagined her bound to her apartment for quite sometime - for all the warmth she will need for fall and winter! But considering his past 2 collections for the latter, this one would be the one to celebrate for.


For all you Beauty Junkies :
Here is the look for Chloé Fall/Winter'08/09

The look at Chloé

The Look:
Throw away the harsh liners, and pops of colours. Celebrate the lips of the
Chloé girl as she transcends back to her old root - a minimalistic approach towards a dark floratic fall with soft waves.

Skin/Face/Cheeks : Prepped and groomed, the Chloé girl has clear porcelain skin to go with her unique girly style. There isn't a necessary 8-step that needs to be followed, but learn to keep skin moisturized and dewy with tinted moisturizer. Layer a thin amount of 2-way cake for minimal coverage. Don't pile it up! Cheeks are left untouched. If you have a natural glow, just go with the flow.

Eyes: Brows are plucked akin to your/a natural shape. Fill them up just a little with a brow shadow (same tone of course, if needed) and then complete with brow gel to keep them in place for the windy winter.

Lips: The lips are the primary focus of this look! We're seeing a kind of dark burgundy wine lip here that is very matte. After moisturising the lips with lip conditioner, take it off and pat the lips with a compact powder. This will ensure a long-lasting stay for the lipcolour. Lastly, lined the lips to complete the look, and pat with a tissue for any shine.

Hair: Part your fringe at the center. Not with a comb, but with your own fingers. It doesn't matter if the line isn't straight or not. Spray the hair with hair essence, and dry it out lighty with a dryer. Tie the hair low and in the center, near to your neck with a loose tie. Allow any strands to fall off. Or simply use a brush.


Till Then!


Image source: style.com, flickr.com

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